Uno EcoBrease Collection

EcoBrease Everyday 1000

Uno EcoBrease Collection

Our mattresses come with a 5-year guarantee to show our commitment in providing the highest quality mattress.

Our foams are made without ozone depleters and maintain CertiPUR-EU Safety Standards.
IFS Certification ensures products and service installation meet the highest of standards.

EcoBrease Everyday 1000

Uno EcoBrease Collection

Uno EcoBrease Everyday 1000

The Uno EcoBrease Everyday 1000 hybrid mattress takes the comfort level up a notch. There are 1000 individually wrapped Pocket Springs at the heart of this mattress, giving you a more responsive feeling of support and pressure relief. Our EcoBrease Base Foam uses recycled foam from our manufacturing process, creating a strong and durable foundation that helps reduce motion transfer during the night.

Uno Firmness Rating


Extra Firm

Single 90 cm W x 190 cm L
Small Double 120 cm W x 190 cm L
Double 135 cm W x 190 cm L
King 150 cm W x 200 cm L

Inside the EcoBrease Everyday 1000

Comfort Foam

 A comforting layer to help relax your body. 2.5cm

EcoBrease Support Foam

A slightly firmer layer of our versatile EcoBrease foam helps absorb movement through the mattress and disperses it with less disruption to your sleep. 2.5cm

1000 Pocket Springs

Our individually wrapped pocket springs make up the core of this mattress for enhanced sleep performance. 12.5cm


A robust border that adds both protection and support. 12.5cm

EcoBrease Base Foam

Offering exceptional support while using our own eco-friendly foam. 2.5cm